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The name says it all... TRU Digital Imaging Solutions. Our team was built long after analog expired.

TRU Digital Imaging Solutions is the leading digital imaging and radiology supplier for medical professionals today.  No more film!  No more analog turn dials with inaccurate exposures putting your patients in harms way. Streamline digital imaging across any healthcare facility and ready for your review before you are. Trust a team made up of technology minded professionals. Not the guy who thought film x-ray would never go away.  As technology advances so do we!


Upgrading or adding digital technology makes you $!

It's a fact! Your patients do not want to be sent to an imaging center so someone else can do what their doctor should be equipped with in house. In a recent survey of 100 random people online. They were asked how likely they were to return to a doctor that referred them out if they had recently transferred from a doctor with full capability in office.  We were blown away when only 1 person said anything other than "I would keep shopping".   Our technology puts your patient's needs at your fingertips for a monthly cost less than many pay for their vehicle and it generates it's cost to own back!


The only High Frequency Podiatric x-ray unit available

Whether you are a new practitioner or a consummate professional, you know that digital technology is changing diagnostics in your field.  In short, silver by-products aside, not only do you save your patients a lot of time and money by staying up to date, you minimize time and complications in the operating room by knowing what you'll find ahead of time which saves your patients from paying for unnecessary time in the surgery center.  That's why in-office, digital imaging makes sense for you and your clients. Cash-flow is never an issue with 100% Corporate direct financing plans tailored to you! 


Consistently rated #1 by MD Buyline

Unlike so many other imaging providers, we don't bounce from product to product looking for the cheapest products to sell. As a matter of fact, we don't have the cheapest prices, but what we do have is the cheapest cost to own which far exceeds that bottom line number you didn't look past. Our systems are setup right to minimize downtime and allow our customers to carry on generating revenue, not waiting for a service call!

digital opal rad annotations and measurements

Accurately diagnose your patients in seconds

Unfortunately the protractor and light box are not longer accepted in a court room. If you treat personal injury cases, you're going to have to back it up with technology. As a matter of fact, while you dig through thousands of films to compile a folder for your patients attorney, we have sent 3 of ours out the door with flash drives containing TRU-Digital Imaging dicom images, notes, report of findings and annotations for our patient's attorney to get to work on their case. Hey, and we didn't have to wonder where we were going to store them either!

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