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We offer several of the best Digital X-Ray systems by the best brands. From upgrades to full Rad Rooms, we’ve got a solution to fit your needs.  

Digital X-ray Solutions For Veterinary

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20/20 VetSmart

FujiFilm VXR


20/20 Imaging Retrofits

FujiFilm Equine Portable

InnoCare Retrofits

VetRay Systems

Opal Equine Portable

Used X-Ray Equipment

VetSmart Complete

Fixed 40″ SID
Toshiba tube 140 HU 1-2mm focal spot
HF 32kW capacitor assisted 400mA generator
15″ Touch Screen Console
6 exclusive table base/table top designs
Oval top w/ urine track
Unique Push and Open pull out tray

Built In Acquisition
Sharper images, optimized clarity
Configured for grid suppression
Quick view selection
Customizable image sharpness level
Auto Contrast upon processing
Image auto-shutter/crop
View instantly in exam rooms

SMART X-Ray Collimator
Patented Auto Thickness Detection technology
Open APR integration: control kV, mA, and mS
Exclusively control generator dosage (embedded AI/lot) by detecting body part for ideal exposure

FujiFilm VXR

Low Dose, Brilliant Images
Capture clear images at low dose with advanced detector and image processing technologies.

Preview images within seconds of exposure.

Minimize exposure to patients and contribute to a safe work environment without sacrificing image brilliant quality.

Image Processing
Dynamic Visualization provides
exceptional first-up images with outstanding detail.

Dynamic Visualization II uses intelligent anatomic feature recognition to improve visibility. Virtual Grid achieves up to 50% dose reduction for larger animals, compared to exams performed with real grid.

The VXR System
A complete x-ray system dedicated to the unique veterinary workflow. Install in small spaces without room modifications.
Safe Technology
Dose efficiency encourages a safe work environment for pets and techs. An integrated workstation and generator save steps for quick exams. 

InnoVet Versa

Our 7-year limited parts warranty secures your investment today and guarantees your investment value tomorrow.

Versa DR sets a new standard in digital radiography. It’s a complete digital system incorporated into the most attractive and safety-conscious exterior on the market.

InnoVet revolutionized veterinary radiography in 1991 with the first x-ray system designed by veterinarians. Since then, InnoVet has manufactured more than 6,000 veterinary x-ray systems, making it the #1 veterinary x-ray manufacturer in the United States. Add to that, the industry’s best warranty and it’s no wonder InnoVet is the most trusted name in veterinary radiography.

All InnoVet x-ray systems are built in our ISO 9001 certified factory in Chicago, IL. With support staff and materials on-site, most systems and parts can be shipped from our facility the same day.

Customize this InnoVet to your exact radiographic and budgetary needs.

InnoVet Select is a special version of the Classic which allows for customization by the end user.

The InnoVet Select is a special version of the Classic, which allows for customization by the end user. By selecting from over 15 options, you may tailor the system to meet your specific needs and at the same time avoid paying for unwanted features. In recent years, the average InnoVet Select featured 5.3 options and sold for a price less than a fully-loaded system.

20/20 Imaging Opal - Vet

Multi Function Study List

PM Software Integration

Burn / Import CD’s or Flash Drives

Customized User Settings

Vertibral Heart Score Tool

User Friendly Interface

Exam Room Viewing

Several Panels To Choose From

14×17 Momentum Wireless(No Batteries!!)

17×17 Hybrid Cesium Flat Panel

14×17 Wireless Cesium Flat Panel

17×17 Cesium Fixed Flat Panel

10×12 Momentum Equine Flat Panel

VetSmart Complete

Fixed 40″ SID
Toshiba x-ray tube 140 HU 1-2mm focal spot
kVP range: 40-150kV
HF 32kW capacitor assisted 400mA generator
15″ Touch Screen Console
6 exclusive table base/table top designs
40″ Base w/ 64″ standard table top
30″ Base w/ 40″, 48″, 56″ table top options
40″ Base w/ 48″, 56″, 64″ table top options
Oval top w/ urine track
Unique Push and Open pull out tray

Fuji ES Veterinary Travel Kit

Fujifilm’s FDR ES is a smart and practical DR solution uniquely suited for equine and mixed practices because it is lightweight, highly portable, fully wireless, and uses any FDR ES flat panel detector. FDR ES has a design that offers the ability to instantly upgrade any analog portable, x-ray room or remote location with exceptional image quality as it does not need any integration or wires to the x-ray unit.

ISS Technology
Fujifilm’s patented Irradiated Side Sampling technology focuses its capture electronics at the top of the detector, opposite conven- tional designs. This revolutionary method outperforms traditional designs, improving signal strength and dose efficiency, resulting in images rich in diagnostic content.

InnoCare DR Systems

E-Com DROC Workstation

DROC is a DR image acquisition workstation based on Windows. It provides complete control of all image capture functions for DR applications and delivers optimum image quality with lower dose. DROC fully integrates with most imaging components as X-ray generators, flat panel detectors (FPD), collimators, DAPs, and mechanical positioning systems

Glass FREE Panel

InnoCare 14 x 17 Glass Free Flat Detector
– Wireless Access Point –
– Dual Port Charger – 
– 5 Year Warranty on Panel 
– Radiology Operating Console –
– E-COM Acquisition Software –
– Symphony Image Processing Software –
– 1st Year Panel Protection Plus Included –

Wireless OR Tethered

InnoCare Flat Panel Detectors
– Choice of Cesium OR Gadox 
– Choice of Wireless OR Tethered
– Choice of 17 x 17 OR 14 x 17
– 5 Year Warranty on Panel 
– Radiology Operating Console
– E-COM Acquisition Software
– Symphony Image Processing Software

VetRay Veterinary X-Ray Units

DX-V Complete System

Compact High Frequency Generator
The state of the art, solid state ultra-compact High Frequency X-ray generator is small enough to fit inside the table base. This makes the table base footprint of the DX-V the smallest in the industry. The standard X-ray generator is 32kW, 400 mA, 125 kVp and 500 mAs Single Phase. There are many optional kW ratings of generator options including 3 phase 208 VAC and 480 VAC.

Single Touch II Monitor System
If you purchase a complete system or upgrade an existing Vet-Ray by Sedecal analog X-ray machine, you will receive the benefits of the Single Touch II Monitor System. The Single Touch II is the only monitor needed in the Radiology area. Selection of patient, body part to image, and view, as well as acquired image are displayed on this convenient “heads up” touch screen monitor.

4-way Float Top Table
The standard 5 ft 4-way float top table allows for easy, convenient and safe positioning of the patient. Designed specifically for veterinary application it has a built in fully adjustable tie-down rail track. A larger big breed 6 ft table top or shorter feline 3 ft table top option is available.

Hands Free Collimator Light Control
This allows the operator to keep hands on the patient for convenient and safe positioning.

Standard Vet TS

There is nothing standard about Standard Vet. Features include:

Anatomical programming on the handlebar assembly
4-way floating table or mobile table
Full variable focal film distance tube stand
High Frequency Generator (16 kW, 20 kW, 32 kW or 40 kW)
Automatic exposure control (optional)
Table top/pedestal/wall mounting console (optional)
Reciprocating bucky (optional)

20/20 Imaging Momentum Equine

Lightest panel & holder at 4lbs
Scintillator: CsI (Cesium)
Cassette sized
Imaging Area: 10″ x 12″
16-bit AD Conversion
Battery Life: > 150 images/4hrs
Rapid Charge enabled
Warranty: 3 years (7 year lithium-ion capacitor)

-The Lightest at Under 18 lbs-
-Custom holders and design- 
-Custom Tablet Enclosure-
-Built in Positioner-
-All in one Charging-
-Charge Everything with one power cable-
-Ergonomic Custom panel and Tablet holders-
-Lightweight Aluminum durable design-
-Scratch Resistant Finish-

All-in-One Software Solution
Freestanding or hung on stall to eliminate the need to bend down or kneel
User-friendly Interface
DR Console, Clinical Review, and Image Storage
Automated Image Processing
Produces an optimized image – every time

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Radial Pressure Wave

The RPW 2 brings the next generation of shockwave therapy to the treatment room using Radial Pressure Wave technology. Designed to activate connective tissue from the surface level to difficult-to-reach pathologies, the new RPW 2 is a modality for addressing pain and inflammation in orthopedic conditions.

Mobile RPW2

The Mobile 2 RPW is compact and light enough to be easily carried while also delivering a host of features and benefits. When there is need for a powerful, yet portable device in the clinic or on the sports field, the Mobile 2 RPW is the ideal choice. with a quiet built-in compressor make it suitable for portable use.